Home closing: What happens on the day of funding?

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 · If you’ve ever been involved in a real estate transaction before, you’re probably familiar with the term double closing. That’s an arrangement where you buy a new home on the very same day that you sell your old one.In a perfect world, you close on your old house in the morning, and then on the new house in the afternoon.

 · Closing Date: On the closing date, underwriting has OK’d the loan and they release the funds to pay for your home. This is the day that you typically get possession or need to be out by. As your REALTOR®, I’ll get a call from the Title Company letting me.

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Your lawyer will receive funds from the mortgage company on the Closing Date. He or she will use these funds as well as your "down payment" to pay for your new home. Your lawyer will transfer the necessary money to the vendor’s lawyer or his representative via courier on the day of closing.

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What Happens between the Clear to Close and Closing. Although they're not common, closing nightmares happen to the best of us.. financial history before they initially approve you for a home loan, but they may take a peek up to two more times up to and on the day of closing.

A home purchase is one of the most significant financial. all parties sign the contract, expect the closing to happen about 30 to 45 days later.

Tie Up Loose Ends. The closing date, mutually decided between buyer and seller in the purchase contract, is when all final documents are signed, closing costs paid and ownership of the home legally changed. The final step, “possession”, is when the buyer actually moves into the home.

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We signed closing papers on Thursday morning, and were told that a three day rescission period will take into effect before funding happens the following Tuesday. The signed closing papers was overnighted to lender Thursday by the escrow officer.